Alternative Fuel Vehicle Maintenance Guide

Source: Hybrid Cars & Alt Fuels

Although alternative fuel vehicles share many common components with conventional vehicles and follow similar maintenance schedules, each particular type of alternative fuel vehicle has its own quirks. Whether biodiesel or flex-fuel, each type may require certain maintenance schedules, repair techniques or specialty parts.

So what do you need to know besides the correct fueling modus operandi? From natural gas to propane, we’ve pulled together the maintenance information and repair issues for each vehicle type.

And no matter what kind of fuel powers your four wheels, it’s always a good idea to keep a small notebook in the glove compartment—to record dates and mileage of oil changes, tire rotations, etc. Whether you keep your car for one year or ten, it’s a valuable record that will help you keep an accurate record of regular maintenance and additional services on each vehicle.

Natural gas and propane powered vehicles have unique and specialized fuel storage systems that require a little more TLC than a regular gasoline vehicle. Learn just what to keep an eye on for safe and reliable driving.

Follow this schedule of general routine maintenance for any type of alternative fuel vehicle you might own.