Col-Met Auto Direct Introduces 'Paintbooths 101'

Source: BodyShop

Paintbooths are costly and complicated purchases, and even the thought of making this large-scale purchase can intimidate a shop owner who doesn’t have all the right research in front of them. That’s why Col-Met Auto Direct has published “Paintbooths 101: How to Purchase A Paintbooth.”

This free buyer’s guide includes sections on paintbooth manufacturers, laws and regulations, safety, warranties, airflow configurations, installation and best practices.

“Col-Met has been selling paintbooths since 1997,” said Steve Russell, director of sales for Col-Met Auto Direct. “We know that a large expense like this can be difficult for body shop owners, so we created this guide to help you understand exactly what you’re purchasing, and what you’re can expect when you purchase a paintbooth.”

Click here to download “Paintbooths 101: How to Purchase A Paintbooth.”