Green Actions Contest

Green Actions Contest (Points)
Contact Info
Phone: (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Carpool to conference Near (4)
Far (6)
Use low emission vehicle to get to conf. (4)
Use public transportation (not air) Near (4)
Far (7)
Ride your bike or walk (3)
Purchase offsets (3)
During conference walk, bike, no travel (3)
Carpool (2)
Public Transportation (2)
Solid Waste Max 8
Bring your own cup or mug (1)
Bring your own non-disposable water bottle (1)
Bring your own re-usable bag (don’t take a new one) (1)
Bring your flash memory and take electronic versions of presentations rather than handouts (1)
Bring your own lanyard and badge holder (1)
Use scrap paper rather than notebook (1)
Use recycle bins (1)
Decline newspaper (1)
Paperless check-out (1)
Water and Energy Max 5
Share a room (3)
Re-use your linens (1)
Turn out lights (1)
Short showers vs long baths (1)
Turn down heat, AC (1)
Lower Carbon Food Choices
Vegetarian (3)
Vegan (4)