Keynote Sessions

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There will be three keynote speaker sessions.
Jim Hanna, Director of Sustainability at Starbucks, will speak about finding ways for business, government, and NGO’s to work together in order to solve complex issues. As part of his work at Starbucks, Jim has been instrumental in solving a very visible part of their business… their cup. Starbucks began an initiative that seeks to have all their cups either recyclable or compostable, and not just theoretically but realistically. Starbucks has been working closely with suppliers, recyclers, local government and others to make this happen. Jim will explain the challenges and successes during this project and some of the lessons learned that can be used by others in similar efforts.
Charlotte Brody, Director of Chemicals, Public Health and Green Chemistry, BlueGreen Alliance, will discuss the relationship between chemicals in products and human health. The science of how chemicals can harm health has changed dramatically over the last 40 years. Chemicals that we now know can be harmful are in the products we use every day. Charlotte will explore how mothers groups, union members, cities, states, leading companies, and the health care sector are working to create chemical policy reform. She’ll describe how alternative assessment and green chemistry can create newer, safer products and a new generation of green jobs.
Dr. Charles Goldman, Distinguished Professor of Limnology Emeritus, UC Davis, will give a keynote address on Lake Tahoe Water Clarity Issues. Goldman has achieved 52 years of research on Tahoe and Castle Lakes and served on many national and international committees. He is frequently sought for consultation and research missions to foreign countries on major environmental problems. He has four books in print, has published over 400 scientific articles, and has produced four documentary films that are in worldwide distribution. Professor Goldman’s career work was honored with the 1998 Albert Einstein World Award of Science that recognizes individuals who have accomplished scientific and technological achievements that have advanced scientific understanding and benefited humanity.