• Adobe makes the business case for diversity June 29, 2017
    As Adobe evolved from a company that focused on selling products to offering cloud-based services, the company has refocused on investing in people. For example, in 2016, Adobe launched its Digital Academy, which offers education scholarships and stipends to low-income individuals and underrepresented minorities."Social impact and sustainability is about people and planet, but it's also […]
  • To feed 9 billion, will we need 'GMO 2.0'? June 28, 2017
    The directors of the new documentary, "Food Evolution," share an inconvenient truth: For safe, sustainable food, we may have to turn to GMOs.
  • Why mobility tech could be $600 billion boon for cities June 28, 2017
    From the way we use land to the emissions from public and private transit, an upheaval in transportation tech has big implications.