Green Casino Video Series

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Welcome to the Green Casino Video Series, a collaborative project between the Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network (WSPPN) in EPA Region 9 and Peaks to Prairies in EPA Region 8. The videos are based upon a popular webinar series on how to green casinos hosted by Peaks in 2013. These are short informative videos with tips that will show you how to save green by going green.


Green Casino Videos:

  1. LED Retrofits in Casinos – RT: 03:54

    Description: Why LED retrofits can have a huge impact on energy and labor savings.
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  2. Calculating a ROI for LED Retrofits in Casinos – RT: 07:09

    Description: Strategies for calculating your return on investment for casino LED retrofit projects.
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  3. Challenges associated with LED Retrofits in Casinos – RT: 04:44

    Description: Unique challenges casinos will face in conducting an LED retrofit project.
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  4. Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Casinos – RT: 09:21

    Description: Casinos can find substantial energy savings from project other than lighting.
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  5. Casino Green Teams – RT: 06:08

    Description: Ideas of establishing and motivating a green team within a casino.
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  6. Where does Casino Food Waste Come From? – RT 04:39

    Description: Understand the difference between pre and post- consumer food waste and how this affects casinos.
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  7. Why do Casinos Waste Food and How Can we Fix It? – RT: 06:44

    Description: Strategies for reducing the amount of food wasted in casinos.
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  8. Casino Food Waste Recovery – One Grease Solution – RT: 05:01

    Description: Food waste recovery opportunities for casinos depend on location and circumstance- here is one piggery solution.
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  9. Casino Indoor Air Quality – RT: 08:16

    Description: Strategies for improving casino indoor air quality.
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