How to Submit a Case Study or Success Story

Case Studies vs. Success Stories
A success story is a brief description of achievements by a facility. Success stories provide brief descriptions of tools, technologies and techniques used to enhance performance.
A case study is a more detailed description of a facility’s efforts. It can be used as guidance for other companies. It describes barriers overcome, specific techniques, detailed cost accounting etc.

WSPPN is seeking success stories and case studies that show how organizations in Region 9 have used pollution prevention to save money and reduce waste.  Please submit your stories in any format and we will publish on our website, promote your activities at workshops, and use your company as an example of some positive actions companies take to reduce pollution.

Here is a link to a document that describes the goals of the case study and success story database, the story identification process, and guidance on the types of case studies and stories we seek to include in the future.

Submit your stories through the on-line system managed by Zero Waste Network.  Enter case studies online at:

Need help?  If you have a good success story idea for WSPPN Region 9 and need help writing it, please contact Donna Walden,

Recently Published Case Studies by WSPPN

  • Composting at Northern Nevada Correctional Center
  • Bently Biofuels Biodiesel Operation
  • PepperMill Resort Geothermal & Energy Efficiency
  • City of Los Angeles – Reduction inDental Program 33% reduction of Mercury in biosolids
  • City of Los Angeles – FOG Program 94%reduction in FOG-related sewer overflow