I-CAR Adds Four Online Courses to Training Catalog

Source: BodyShop Business Online.com

An increasing demand for I-CAR training nationwide calls for I-CAR to offer a greater volume of course opportunities; specifically, those that are accessible and available on demand. To deliver on this industry need, I-CAR has added four additional online courses to its course catalog: Stationary Glass (GLA02e), Mechanical Systems Analysis (DAM03e), Damage Analysis of Advanced Automotive Systems (DAM07e), and Wind Noise and Water Leaks (WNW01e).

“To fully serve the growing training needs of the inter-industry, I-CAR has developed online and virtual instructor-led classes that are convenient, effective and essential,” said John Van Alstyne, I-CAR CEO and president. “That said, as our customer focus groups have told us, quality instructor-led, Live training with effective instructors remains the preferred way to learn for many, and the only way to learn when working with more advanced or complicated subject matter. Therefore, Live training remains an I-CAR priority for the ultimate learning experience.”

These online courses fulfill I-CAR ProLevel 2 training requirements from the Professional Development Program (PDP) and are also available in a Live instructor-led environment. The content in the recently converted courses is appropriate for online, but is also beneficial when taken in the Live instructor-led environment, giving students the option to match their learning preference.

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