Maryland university surpasses 50% recycling landmark

Source: Waste & Recycling

Salisbury University, located on the eastern shore of Maryland, recycled more than 50% of its campus waste last year.

The university’s program, which was launched in 1980 according to its website, has grown to include items ranging from cooking grease to carpet. SU recently partnered with a Delaware-based composting facility to recycle its food waste, helping to boost the campus’s diversion rate by more than 23% since 2011, Ocean City, Md.-based The Dispatch reported.

SU food waste is sent to a facility operated by Blue Hen Organics where it is composted and sold to area farmers. Along with 304 tons of food waste, the amount of glass, aluminum and cardboard recycled by the university has also increased since 2011, due in part to additional collection points and a recycling competition, according to the article.

Kevin Mann, SU’s physical plant director, told the news agency he hopes to implement single-stream recycling at the university.

“We are pushing our market, trying to go single stream,” he told reporters. “…We are hoping that soon, SU will have nothing going to the landfill.”