Newly Developed EV Will Boast a 621-Mile Range

By ,  Source: Guide

Range is increasingly becoming a non-issue with EVs as this latest story from alternative energy company Silex Power attests. On the tiny island nation of Malta, Silex Power is quietly developing a luxury EV it claims will blow all other EVs out of the water when it comes to miles-per-charge. That includes the Tesla Model S’s incredible 265-mile-per-charge title.

Called the Chreos, Silex is announcing the vehicle will go an unbelievable 621 miles between charges. While you are chewing on that, let me tell you the other astounding claim: it takes only 10 minutes to charge.

This super EV makes use of a proprietary system Silex refers to as hypercharging, and owners will have the chance to plug the Chreos into a high-voltage charging station–you guessed it–developed specifically to accommodate the car’s speedy charge.

Compare the hypercharge to Tesla’s system for the Model S, which the company calls supercharging. The latter takes over an hour to charge, however.