Ann Heil Receives Life-Time Achievement Award from WSPPN

It is no surprise that Ann Heil from the Los Angeles County Sanitation District received a Life-Time Achievement Award from WSPPN during the 2013 P2 Awards Luncheon held on October 30 during the 2013 Used Oil & HHW Conference.

Ann who has been a WSPPN Advisory Board Member for several years has too many accomplishments to count!  Here are some of Ann’s many achievements:

  • Ann initiated and championed efforts that lead to a ban on use of the neurotoxic pesticide lindane on humans in California. California’s lindane ban later inspired a similar ban for the entire country of Mexico.  Received the First Place Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Award from the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable for these efforts.
  • Ann participated on a team that enacted the first ban on the installation of automatic water softeners in California, under a 1999 law that allows such bans.
  • She championed an effort that resulted in a ban on the use of the carcinogen paradichlorobenzene in toilet and urinal deodorizers.
  • Ann championed efforts that resulted on in bans on the use of chlorinated solvents in automotive cleaning products and in a number of other consumer products.
  • She initiated programs to encourage proper disposal of waste pharmaceuticals by residents and by hospitals. The program developed into the nationally recognized No Drugs Down the Drain program.
  • Ann developed and led a highly successful public outreach effort to reduce usage of automatic water softeners in the Santa Clarita Valley, reducing salt loadings to the local river. Received the National Environmental Achievement Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies for these efforts.
  • She provided numerous comments to EPA on potential adverse water quality impacts of pesticides, which helped lead to EPA giving more consideration to water quality impacts when conducting pesticide registrations.
  • Ann served on a number of panels and boards for pollution prevention, including chairing the legislatively-appointed California Pollution Prevention Advisory Committee, which made recommendations to DTSC on how to maximize effectiveness of its pollution prevention program, and the Advisory Board for WSPPN from 2004 to 2013.
  • She assisted in organizing numerous WSPPN and CWEA pollution prevention conferences.
  • Ann has presented dozens of talks and co-authored several papers on pollution prevention.

Ann has recently been reassigned away from pollution prevention at Los Angeles County.  She will sorely be missed on the WSPPN Advisory Board and by many in the P2 community. WSPPN was delighted to award Ann Heil with the Life-Time Achievement Award and we wish her all the success in her future sustainability adventures.