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Learn the twelve principles of green chemistry taught during The Green Chemistry & Engineering Student Workshop on Monday, June 17, 2013 in Washington D.C.  This is a virtual training experience filmed in high definition so that you will feel like you are part of the class!

The course content is provided by the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute whose mission is to catalyze and enable the implementation of green chemistry and engineering throughout the global chemical enterprise.  This material is the property of the ACS GREEN CHEMISTRY INSTITUTE® and is being shared by WSPPN with permission.

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WSPPN thanks its sponsors:

The American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute (ACS-GCI)

The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR)

The Washington State Department of Ecology

Training Modules

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Introduction – Why Sustainable and Green Chemistry?

Part 1 – The Problem of Waste (Green Chemistry Principle 1)

Part 2 – We Use Too Much Stuff (Green Chemistry Principle 2)

Part 3 – The Situation is Acute (Green Chemistry Principle 3)

Part 4 – Design It Out (Green Chemistry Principle 4)

Part 5 – All the Other Stuff in the Reaction (Green Chemistry Principle 5)

Part 6 – An Inconvenient Truth (Green Chemistry Principle 6)

Part 7 – Earth Wind and Fire (Green Chemistry Principle 7)

Part 8 – Blocking and Tackling (Green Chemistry Principle 8)

Part 9 – A Little Bit Goes a Long Way (Green Chemistry Principle 9)

Part 10 – The Problem with Persistence (Green Chemistry Principle 10)

Part 11 – Time to Get Real (Green Chemistry Principle 11)

Part 12 – Keeping it Safe (Green Chemistry Principle 12)

Conclusion – Tying it all Together