P2 Certificate Registration


The Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network (WSPPN) announces its 2015 P2 Certificate Program where participants can receive non-accredited education hours for attending webinars, seminars and other pollution prevention trainings in Region 9 and throughout the nation.
It’s Free – Here’s How it Works:

By signing up on WSPPN’s website, you will receive a quarterly listing of all the trainings in Region 9.  In addition, you can receive WSPPN P2 Certificate credit hours for any national P2Rx and NPPR webinars, trainings and conferences.

What You Get:

Annually, participants receive a certificate that reflects hour per hour the P2 workshops, seminars, and trainings that they attended.  It’s up to your organization how you will accredit the hours towards your training goals or work performance.

Questions: taspling@unr.edu

  • By checking this box, I acknowledge my understanding this is a non-accredited program and that the P2 Certificate Program is not affiliated with any university, college or continuing education program.
  • I will speak with the appropriate body in my organization to see how this program might fit into my individual education goals and career development.
  • While WSPPN will provide a listing of regional and national P2 trainings and workshops, WSPPN is not responsible for the content or information being distributed and does not endorse any commercial product, service, enterprise, or policy that may be represented.
  • Annually, I will be given an online checklist of all the activities that qualify for the certificate program and I will check off those events that I have participated in to receive the P2 Certificate.
  • I desire to be part of the P2 Certificate Program. I have read the program description and understand the rules.

Please fill out this form to register for participation in the WSPPN P2 Certificate Program.