Fueling infrastructure is a vital aspect to maintaining an alternative fuel fleet.  Provided are some useful resources on how to establish an alternative fueling site. Also provided are some useful links  to locating alternative fueling stations by fuel type, state, city, and by route, and information on how to utilize government fueling cards
Establishing an Alternative Fueling Facility
Information on CARB’s incentive program for alternative fuels
Building Successful AFV Fueling Stations: Tips, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned
CNG Fueling Stations
Natural Gas: Infrastructure Development:

Public/Private Partnerships – A Case Study: Los Angeles Metro’s Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Facilities
Natural Gas Station Partnerships
Natural Gas Vehicles and Infrastructure
A downloadable CD featuring the following training modules:

  • CNG 101 – An Introduction to Compressed Natural Gas for Use as a Vehicle Fuel
  • CNG 201 – CNG Code Reference Guide
  • CNG 301 – Advanced CNG Compressor Topics
  • CNG Station Sizing & Budgeting
  • Comparative Life Cycle Analysis of Gas Engines vs. Electric Motors – As Prime Movers of CNG Compression
  • CNG Station Filtration
  • CNG Fueling Procedures
  • CNG Station Safety
  • CNG Buffer Panel Design & Maintenance


E85 Fueling Stations
Setting up an E85 fueling station

Compatibility guide to convert a station to E85
Information for storing E85
Handbook for handling, storing, and dispensing E85
E85 equipment options for fueling systems
E85 Retail Business Case: When and Why to Sell E85
Ethanol: Infrastructure Development

Biodiesel Fueling
Biodiesel Infrastructure Development
Biodiesel:  Fuel Quality Best Management Practices
Biodiesel Handling and Use Guide
Switching to Biodiesel: Recommended Procedures
Biodiesel Blending Procedures
Propane: Infrastructure Development
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Dispensing
Underground Storage Tank Rules Don’t Apply to DEF
Fire Department Certification/Inspection of DEF Tanks
DEF FAQs/Manufacturers/Distributors/Dispensing Equipment
Fueling Station Locator
Alternative fuel station finder
Alternative fuel station finder by route
CNG Specific fueling locator
iGasUp application for finding the cheapest gasoline and diesel
Mobile Alternative Fueling Station Locator
How States Have Adopted Fueling Cards
How Indiana and Illinois have adopted fueling cards
CSI fuel cards

Taxes & Reg
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Incentives and Laws
IRS alternative fuel vehicle refueling property credit form
State alternative fuel vehicles incentives