Fuel Economy Practices
Having efficient driver and driving practices that encourage energy conservation and reduction can dramatically improve a fleet’s fuel utilization. Provided below are some other links that can help fleets reducing the amount of fuel they use.

Fuel Efficient Driving
Three Tips for Increasing Fuel Economy
8 simple fuel reduction tips
19 Ways to Increase Fleet Fuel EconomyLow Rolling Resistance Tires
Verified Low Rolling Resistance Tires
Technologies, Policies, and Systems for Improving Class 8 Truck Fleet Fuel
Performance Strategies for Trucking Fleets
Benefits of Fleet Driver Training for Fuel Economy
Fuel Smart Driving Handbook
Greenhouse Gas Management for Medium-Duty Truck Fleets
The new NREL report—Eighteen-Month Final Evaluation of UPS Second Generation Diesel Hybrid Electric Delivery Vans— details the impact of hybridization on fuel economy and performance and identifies the conditions under which the hybrids offer maximum fuel savings.

Idle reduction measures
Idle reduction is an essential aspect in achieving a greener fleet.

Idle reduction information
Idle reduction equipment
Idle-reduction systems eligible for federal excise tax exemptions
Light and medium-duty vehicle idle reduction strategies
Idle reduction fuel savings calculator for school buses
E3 fleet program idling cost calculator

Truck stop electrification site locator

Operational practices
There are many operational practices that can reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency.
Truck stop electrification site locator

Clean Fleets Toolkit

Route Planning, Telematics and GPS

Route Planning
Guidebook for Understanding Urban Goods Movement (.pdf) (9.1MB)
How Can Telematics Help Your Fleet?
Telematics and GPS for Government Fleets
Telematics and GPS for Business Fleets