By using more sustainable equipment, your fleet will not only reduce emissions and fuel usage, but can also save money. These monetary savings can be accrued with the reduction of fuel usage and with tax incentives.  Below are some useful links regarding different aspects on how to “green” your equipment.
Right sizing Vehicles

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Vehicle Disposition

Maintenance Issues
Vehicle and equipment maintenance is an essential aspect for starting or maintaining a fleet.  Provided are some useful links regarding maintenance and upkeep for fleets.

2010 Heavy Duty Truck Emissions Standards – SCR and DEF

Conversion Kits/Compatibility Guide
Not all fleets need to undergo a full replacement of their vehicles and equipment.  Many firms are choosing to renovate their fleets by converting diesel and gasoline engines to biodiesel, ethanol, or hybrid-powered engines.

Warranty Coverage & Technology Certifications
Provided below are some useful links to help fleets track warranty coverage by both equipment type and by manufacturer and information discussing fuel-efficient technologies