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Table of Contents
Background and Overview
Reasons for Economic Incentives
Developing and Implementing Economic Incentives
Types of Economic Incentives
(NEW!) Focus on Renewable Energy Incentives
P2 Opportunities
Where To Go for P2 Help
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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Better Buildings Challenge Financial Ally
Abstract: Better Buildings Challenge Financial Ally

Business Environmental Leadership Council (BELC) Member Search
Abstract: Learn more about what our 45 Business Environmental Leadership Council member companies are doing on energy efficiency.
Source: Pew Center on Global Climate Change

Conservation Reserve Programs
Abstract: The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) is a voluntary program for agricultural landowners. Through CRP, you can receive annual rental payments and cost-share assistance to establish long-term, resource conserving covers on eligible farmland.
Source: USDA Farm Service Agency

Economic Incentives for Environmental Regulations
Abstract: Dated, but relevant discussion by R. Stavins, on different types of economic incentives for environmental regulation and their potential to be effective.
Source: Belfer Center

Economic incentives for Green Jobs in New Mexico [PDF]
Abstract: A presentation on green jobs incentives in New Mexico.
Source: New Mexico Clean Energy and green business incentives

Economic Incentives in Air Quality
Abstract: Provides guidance, policies and rules for states to implement economic incentives in improving air quality.
Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

EPA's Directory of Innovative Initiatives
Abstract: Access to many innovations at EPA - and regionally. addressing specific environmental media or that relate to environmental tools or functions.
Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

Green Building Services (New York)
Abstract: Since 1999, New York has given more than $92 million in federal and State funds to provide green assistance and tax credits for projects dealing with more than 137 million square feet of building space in the State.
Source: State of New York

Green Fees
Abstract: The Green Fees initiative is identifying and analyzing a portfolio of tax reforms that would be both fiscally prudent and environmentally sound. WRI is educating policymakers and opinion leaders in order to build support for these measures.
Source: World Research Institute

Green Technology Pilot Program
Abstract: Pilot program offers expedited review for applications pertaining to environmental quality, energy conservation, renewable energy resources, or greenhouse gas emission reduction. (Pilot ends 12/31/11).
Source: U.S. Department of Commerce / U.S. Patent and Trade Office

Improving Air Quality with Economic Incentive Programs (WA State)
Abstract: The report assesses the role of economic incentives for controlling environmental pollution and documents hundreds of uses of economic incentives for controlling pollution at all levels of government to both supplement and substitute for traditional regulatory approaches.
Source: Washington State Department of Ecology, Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction Program

Insurance and Pollution Prevention [PDF]
Abstract: Several written case studies demonstrate the potential benefits of environmental insurance, and how environmental and safety improvements can lower insurance costs.
Source: Washington State Department of Ecology

New York State Environmental and Energy Incentives
Abstract: Incentives for brownfield cleanup, clean vessel assistance, energy, energy services & technology development, environmental investment, industrial finance, industrial economic development power, jobs, and more.
Source: New York / Empire State Development, Small Business Division

Tax Reform and the Environment: Why and How [PDF]
Abstract: Working paper discussing environmental tax shifting implications and ideas.
Source: World Resources Institute

Voluntary Advanced Technology Incentives Program [PDF]
Abstract: This program encourages paper mills to install advanced technologies or make process changes that further reduce toxic releases to surface waters and air, beyond minimum regulatory compliance. In exchange, the mills can defer compliance for air and water discharge permit limits.
Source: U.S. EPA


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