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Table of Contents
Background and Overview
Reasons for Economic Incentives
Developing and Implementing Economic Incentives
Types of Economic Incentives
(NEW!) Focus on Renewable Energy Incentives
P2 Opportunities
Where To Go for P2 Help
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Business / Clean Air Act / Ecological economics / Economic aspects / Economic incentives / Economic policy / Incentives / Waste disposal

Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
NOTE: [PDF] links require Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

EPA's Environmental Innovation Portfolio
Abstract: Portfolio categorizes the types of strategies that environmental agencies can use to reap better results, highlights promising projects and approaches, and promotes networking.
Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

Green Building Services (New York)
Abstract: Since 1999, New York has given more than $92 million in federal and State funds to provide green assistance and tax credits for projects dealing with more than 137 million square feet of building space in the State.
Source: State of New York

Green Jobs Growth Plan 2011 to 2019: An Eight-Year Map to a Green Economy in Oregon [PDF]
Abstract: A comprehensive growth plan on increasing green jobs in Oregon.
Source: 3E Strategies

Green Technology Pilot Program
Abstract: Pilot program offers expedited review for applications pertaining to environmental quality, energy conservation, renewable energy resources, or greenhouse gas emission reduction. (Pilot ends 12/31/11).
Source: U.S. Department of Commerce / U.S. Patent and Trade Office

Stormwater Facility Credit Program [PDF]
Abstract: This program offers reduced drainage fees to permitted stormwater properties (privately-owned systems) that reduce stormwater flow and/or provide water quality treatment, which help lessen the impact to the City's stormwater system and surface waters.
Source: Seattle Public Utilities

The United States Experience with Economic Incentives for Protecting the Environment
Abstract: Reviews the role of economic incentives for controlling pollution and documents uses of economic incentives for controlling pollution at all levels of government to both supplement and substitute for traditional regulatory approaches.
Source: U.S. EPA


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