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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Environment, Safety and Health
Abstract: Discussion of regulations, practices, and operations affecting worker health and safety, and environmental health in the semiconductor industry.
Source: Semiconductor Industry Association

Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) Metrics for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Abstract: ESH metrics for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, developed by a SEMATECH workgroup, to provide a uniform method of evaluating ESH performance within semiconductor manufacturing.
Source: International SEMATECH. Technology Transfer 02034261A-TR

Guidelines for Environmental Characterization of Semiconductor Equipment [PDF]
Abstract: Gives information on environmental performance and issues of equipment and tools used in semiconductor manufacturing.
Source: International SEMATECH. Technology Transfer #01104197A-XFR.

SEMATECH Position Statement Regarding The Business Case for the Continued Need of PFOS [PDF]
Abstract: Granting the semiconductor industry an exemption from the restrictions on the use of PFOS, a critical substance in semiconductor manufacturing, is based on the industry’s ability to tightly control and limit total use of the substances. The semiconductor manufacturing industry is attempting to reduce PFOS by developing alternatives.


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