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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Amgen Finds a Way to Put Wastewater to Good Use
Abstract: News article on Amgen's water conservation efforts (Kent County, RI). Amgen has found new uses for their reverse osmosis reject water, saving 160,000 gallons of water daily.
Source: The Providence Journal

Biotechnology Industry Sector Permitting Guidelines for King County
Abstract: King County permitting guidelines applicable to the discharge of process wastewater from biotechnology sector facilities into sewerage facilities tributary to King County metro sewer system.
Source: King County Industrial Waste Program

Gas Selection/Management for the Biotech Lab
Abstract: Ensure gas quality by certification, managing gas supply chain, and evaluating suppliers.
Source: BioPharm International (Author is Scheruing, S.)

Greener Reaction Conditions Award - Codexis
Abstract: Biotech firm, Codexis, won a green chemistry award for developing an enzyme-based process to manufacture a key building block for Lipitor®. The new enzymatic processreduced waste, solvents, and the need for purification equipment.
Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Green Chemistry

Abstract: Resources to help users of packaging save money through changes that reduce packaging waste and the environmental burdens of packaging
Source: Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Third Time Lucky
Abstract: A “third wave” of biotechnology is arriving. Will it be able to avoid a poor reception from the general public this time around? The "Economist" addresses the issue of how Biotechnology might resolve its image problem.
Source: Economist

University of Delaware Shared Core Instrumentation Centers in the Life Sciences
Abstract: Description of capabilities and typical operations for biotech research.
Source: Delaware biotechnology Institute

What's Going Down the Drain Can Be Money
Abstract: Offers latest technology to reduce energy and water in cage rack washing, and still achive necessary sterilization. By Beckinghausen, D.
Source: Animal Lab News


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