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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Chemical Fume Hood Handbook [PDF]
Abstract: Discusses hood types, function and purpose, design, performance, inspection, and safe work practices.
Source: Northwestern University

Clearing the Air About the Latest Fume Hoods
Abstract: Learn about the latest options for more energy efficient fume hoods. Approximately 750,000 fume hoods currently in use in the U.S. - translates to approximately $3.2 billion in energy cost. (By Joanna R. Turpin)
Source: Engineered Systems

Energy Efficient Laboratory Fume Hood
Abstract: Abstract explains energy and cost benefits of low-flow fume hood over the variable air volume (VAV) hood. (Abstract only).
Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Laboratory Ventilation
Abstract: Discusses vented equipment used in labs, biological safety cabinets, hoods and other, covering hazardous exhaust systems, high energy-efficient units, and more.
Source: American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Laboratory Health & Safety Committee

Labs21 Energy Analysis
Abstract: Applies various energy-efficient strategies to a generic laboratory under four different climate conditions. The analysis can evaluate which energy-efficient measures reap the most benefits.
Source: Labs for the 21st Century

Process and Environmental Technology Laboratory at Sandia [PDF]
Abstract: Describes how the design team for the new facility was able to reduce energy consumption by 40%.
Source: Laboratories for the 21st Century

Robert S. Kerr Environmental Research Center, Energy Efficiency Upgrade
Abstract: Reduced lab energy consumption by 45% by upgrading building mechanical systems and incorporating renewable energy. Finance by an energy savings performance contract (ESPC).
Source: Labs for the 21st Century

The Berkeley Hood
Abstract: Newsletter focusing on hood performance, models, and other related topics.
Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

What's Going Down the Drain Can Be Money
Abstract: Offers latest technology to reduce energy and water in cage rack washing, and still achive necessary sterilization. By Beckinghausen, D.
Source: Animal Lab News


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