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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Canada-Wide Standards: A Pollution Prevention Program for Dental Amalgam Waste [PDF]
Abstract: Explains relationship between dental amalgam waste and the environment. Also describes new pollution prevention initiative intended to ensure that the dental community becomes a part of the solution.
Source: National Office of Pollution Prevention, Environment Canada

City of Boulder Best Management Practices for Dental Waste [PDF]
Abstract: This brochure provides the dental community with guidelines on choosing environmentally friendly products, recycling metal-bearing wastes, and correctly disposing of waste materials.
Source: City of Boulder’s Industrial Pretreatment Program

Dental Office Waste Stream Characterization Study for Metro Seattle [PDF]
Abstract: Metro Seattle has characterized the wastewater from dental offices and suggested plans for minimizing mercury.
Source: Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle

Dental Waste Management - NC DEHNR
Abstract: This factsheet presents guidance on the environmental impacts, waste reduction techniques, and regulations for most wastes produced in the practice of dentistry.
Source: North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance

How Mercury from Dental Amalgam can get into the Environment
Abstract: This article describes the many ways that mercury from dental amalgams can get into the environment.
Source: Sustainable Hospitals

How to Prevent Pollution From Your Dental Practice: A Guide for Dentists - IDEM [PDF]
Abstract: Contains a comparison of restorative material alternatives and a dental waste disposal checklist.
Source: Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Lowell Center for Sustainable Hospitals - Best Management Practices for Dental Amalgam and Mercury
Abstract: Describes how mercury from amalgams may enter the environment and discusses storage, trap and filter handling, plumbing repairs, and recycling options.
Source: Sustainable Hospitals/Lowell Centre for Sustainable Production

Mercury Emissions Generated in Dental Establishments [PDF]
Abstract: Federal Ministry of the Environment, Germany developed this report for establishing the amount of mercury in wastewater and also a comprehensive waste management plan.
Source: Federal Ministry of the Environment, Germany

Mercury in the Environment: Coming From Your Business [PDF]
Abstract: Pollution prevention for dental waste by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.
Source: Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Mercury Source Identification Update: Dental Offices and Human Waste [PDF]
Abstract: This technical memorandum updates the Mercury Source Identification prepared for the Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant (RWQCP) in August 1997 to better estimate the load attributable to mercury discharges from dental offices. It also revises the methodology for considering human waste from service area employees and residents, and estimates the portion of the mercury in human waste attributable to mercury amalgam fillings. Then it briefly reviews recent studies of dental discharges published by other organizations.
Source: Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant

MnTAP Fact Sheet: Managing Waste Generated by Dental Clinics
Abstract: This factsheet describes the sources of disposal options for hazardous wastes generated by dental clinics. Also includes a list of amalgam recyclers.
Source: Minnesota Technical Assistance Program

Royal Dental College of Denmark: Dental Amalgam- Environmental Aspects [PDF]
Abstract: Denmark study discussing different aspects of environmental contamination from dental amalgam.
Source: Advances in Dental Research

The Environmentally Responsible Dental Office: A Guide to Proper Waste Management in Dental Offices
Abstract: Written for dentists, dental assistants, and office staff. Contains simple ideas for preventing the release of mercury and other potentially harmful contaminants to streams, lakes and rivers.
Source: National Wildlife Federation and The Vermont State Dental Society

The Environmentally Responsible Dental Office: The Oregon Dentists' Guide to Best Management Practices of Dental Waste [PDF]
Abstract: This guide has been developed to assist dentists in how to best manage their dental waste, includes a list of amalgam recyclers.
Source: Oregon Dental Association


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