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Automobile industry and trade / Automobile-related wastes / Automobiles - Brakes / Automobiles - Equipment and supplies / Automobiles - Lighting / Automobiles - Maintenance and repair / Hazardous waste management / Health effects / Laws and legislation / Materials handling / Mercury / Metal industry and trade / Metal recycling / Recycling (Waste, etc.) / Reporting / Salvage (Waste, etc.) / Scrap metals / Spills and accidents

Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Guidelines for the Safe Clean-up of Mercury Spilled in the Home [PDF]
Abstract: Contains spill clean up instructions and list of contractors in the NJ area.
Source: New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services

MERC Switch Out [PDF]
Abstract: Description of the Canadian MERC Switch Out Program to recover mercury from vehicles.
Source: Pollution Probe

Mercury Contamination from Metal Scrap Processing Facilities - A Study by Ohio EPA
Abstract: Report of project to determine the amount of mercury emitted from metal scrap processing facilities in Ohio. Some facilities were required to do stack testing.
Source: Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Mercury Spill Information and Cleanup Guidance [PDF]
Abstract: Detailed information on how to clean up small mercury spills.
Source: Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Mercury Use: Automotive Sector [PDF]
Abstract: In this chapter taken from the Wisconsin 'Mercury Sourcebook,' you will find: information on mercury-containing products unique to the automotive sector, case studies, action ideas for pollution prevention, a sample proclamation describing possible mercury minimization options, and current projects already underway within the automotive sector.
Source: Wisconsin Mecury Sourcebook

MI Department of Environmental Quality: Cleaning Up Small Mercury Spills Fact Sheet [PDF]
Abstract: Provides advice and procedures for cleaning up small mercury spills (less than 2 tablespoons). Includes how to assemble your own mercury spill kit.
Source: Michigan DEQ

Michigan Mercury Switch Study [PDF]
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to jointly conduct a cooperative project that evaluates the technical, logistical, and procedural factors associated with the removal of mercury (Hg) convenience light switches from end-of-life vehicles and subsequent management of the switches.
Source: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

NH Department of Environmental Services: Cleaning Up Household Spills of Elemental Mercury
Abstract: What to do in case of a mercury spill in the household.
Source: New hamshire Department of Environmental Services

Switch Out: Auto Dismantler's Guide [PDF]
Abstract: A "how-to" guide for Canadian Auto Dismantlers including location of mercury switches, removal procedures, and handling requirements.
Source: Pollution Probe

Toxics in Vehicles: Mercury [PDF]
Abstract: The report shows that emissions from vehicle recycling and disposal processes are one of the largest sources of mercury contamination to the environment. The report also examines strategies for cleaner production and proposes key policy solutions to eliminate mercury hazards from both new and existing vehicles.
Source: University of Tennessee Center of Clean Products and Clean Technology, Great Lakes United, Ecology Center

What to Do if a Mercury Spill Occurs
Abstract: Kansas Department of Health and Environment information on cleaning up small spills.
Source: Kansas Department of Health and Environment


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