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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Action Plan: Comprehensive Solution to Address Mercury in Automobiles
Abstract: Report detailing why mercury should be eliminated from automobiles. The action plan consists of the following principles: 1-recovery, collection, and information, 2-design for recycling, 3-regulatory flexibility, 4-public education, and 5-government responsibility.
Source: Partnership for Mercury Free Vehicles

ARA Supports State Attorney General's Efforts to Have Auto Manufacturers Remove Toxic Vehicle Parts
Abstract: This article discusses how the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) supports an effort by 26 state Attorneys General, which places the responsibility of mercury switch removal on the vehicle manufacturers.
Source: Automotive Recyclers Association

General Motors Mid-size and Luxury Car Group: Elimination of Mercury Switches in Underhood and Trunk Lamps [PDF]
Source: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Mercury in Vehicles
Abstract: This website provides links to known uses of mercury in vehicles in 2000-2001 cars and also in pre-1995 cars. Also included is a list of where mercury may be found in automobiles and possible alternatives.
Source: Clean Air Foundation

Mercury Use: Automotive Sector [PDF]
Abstract: In this chapter taken from the Wisconsin 'Mercury Sourcebook,' you will find: information on mercury-containing products unique to the automotive sector, case studies, action ideas for pollution prevention, a sample proclamation describing possible mercury minimization options, and current projects already underway within the automotive sector.
Source: Wisconsin Mecury Sourcebook

Partnership for Mercury Free Vehicles
Abstract: List of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the Partnership, including "why is mercury harmful?," "how is it used in automobiles?."
Source: Clean Car Campaign

Reducing Mercury Releases from Maine Motor Vehicles [PDF]
Abstract: Describes Maine's plan to provide for the safe removal and management of mercury-added components, phase out some automotive applications of mercury, and require labeling to identify mercury-added components in new cars.
Source: Maine Department of Environmental Protection

Reducing Mercury Releases from Maine Motor Vehicles: Master List of Automobiles with Mercury-Added Component Parts [PDF]
Abstract: Presents ME DEP's master list of all automobiles that contain mercury-added component parts. The list is divided into vehicle make, model, what vehicle component mercury is used in, years that that component was in the vehicle, and a year for a phase-out, where applicable.
Source: Maine Department of Environmental Protection

Removal and Replacement of Mercury Switch in 1970-1998 GM Hood Lighting Assembly [PDF]
Abstract: An instructional sheet that details the process of removing a mercury switch from the hood lights of 1970-1988 GM cars.
Source: Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable

Switch Out: Auto Dismantler's Guide [PDF]
Abstract: A "how-to" guide for Canadian Auto Dismantlers including location of mercury switches, removal procedures, and handling requirements.
Source: Pollution Probe


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