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Background and Overview
Collection Programs
Alternative Products
Handling, Recycling & Disposal
Mercury Reduction Programs
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Automobile industry and trade / Automobile-related wastes / Automobiles - Brakes / Automobiles - Equipment and supplies / Automobiles - Lighting / Automobiles - Maintenance and repair / Hazardous waste management / Health effects / Laws and legislation / Materials handling / Mercury / Metal industry and trade / Metal recycling / Recycling (Waste, etc.) / Reporting / Salvage (Waste, etc.) / Scrap metals / Spills and accidents

Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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EPA's Comprehensive Review of the Treatment Standards for Mercury-Bearing Hazardous Waste [PDF]
Abstract: This describes the review process that EPA will undertake to review treatment standards for mercury waste through EPA's draft Action Plan for Mercury.
Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

Land Disposal Restrictions
Abstract: Introduction to Land Disposal Restrictions under RCRA. This is Chapter 6 of the RCRA Orientation Manual.
Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

List of Recycling Service Providers for Fluorescent Lamps and Other Mercury-Containing Items
Abstract: List of mercury recyclers' locations in the midwest and east coast of the US.
Source: Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Mercury and Bulb Recyclers
Abstract: A list of vendors that accept Mercury and Bulbs for recycling.
Source: South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Mercury Recyclers - EHSO
Abstract: Maintained by "Environmental Health and Safety Online," contains names and addresses of mercury recyclers located mostly in the midwest and east coast of the US.
Source: Environmental Health and Safety Online

Mercury Recyclers - Ohio EPA
Abstract: List of mecury recyclers mainly in the midwest and east coast of the US.
Source: Ohio Environmental Protection Agency


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