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Table of Contents
Background and Overview
Lead in Products
Health Effects
Regulations & Policies
Lead Prevention
Assistance Activities
Where To Go for Help
Complete List of Links

Air pollution / Batteries / Blood / Calcium / Cancer / Ceramics / Clean Air Act / Cleaning / Construction and demolition debris / Corrosion / Cosmetics / Dust / Exposure / Food / Gasoline / Glazes / Health effects / Housholds / Landfills / Lead / Lead based paint / Lead-poisoning / Medical care / Metals / Military weapons / Mines and mineral resources / Nervous system / Occupational safety and health / Piping / Plastics / Reproduction / Right-to-know / Safe Drinking Water Act / Safety measures / Skin, human / Soils / Solder and soldering / Substitute materials / Tobacco smoke / Toxicity / Water / Water purification / Windows / Wine and wine making / X-rays

Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
NOTE: [PDF] links require Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Alameda County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
Abstract: Describes paint, soil, water, home remedies, ceramic dishes and pots, and a variety of other less common sources of lead exposure.
Source: Alameda County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Case Studies in Environmental Medicine: Lead Toxicity [PDF]
Abstract: Contains information on who's at risk for lead poisoning, exposure pathways, biologic fate, physiologic effects, treatment and management of, and the standards and regulations associated with lead.
Source: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Finding Lead in the Home: Common Sources of Lead [PDF]
Abstract: Lists preventive measures to reduce exposure to lead in dust, lead-based paint, soil, water, food, and folk medicine.
Source: Minnesota Department of Health

Getting the Lead Out: Impacts of and Alternatives for Automotive Lead Use [PDF]
Abstract: Lists alternatives to leaded products, such as lead-acid batteries, used in automobiles.
Source: Environmental Defense

Health Effects Information -- Lead
Abstract: Discusses properties of lead, uses of lead, sources of lead, presence of lead in drinking water, and ways to reduce lead in drinking water.
Source: Oregon Department of Human Services

Health Effects of Lead in Drinking Water
Abstract: Describes how drinking water is contaminated with lead and the health effects associated with lead exposure.
Source: Lifestyles Research Center

Identifying Industry Sectors in the Northeast that Emit or Transfer Lead or Lead Compounds [PDF]
Abstract: Focuses on emission and transfer of lead and lead compounds in the Northeast.
Source: Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association

Intel Lead-Free Solutions
Abstract: Contains information on Intel's progress to develop lead-free manufacturing standards and processes.
Source: Intel

Lead and Copper Rule CFR 141.81 [PDF]
Abstract: Explains that the Lead and Copper Rule established regulations and treatments of plumbing systems.
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 8

Lead and Lead Poisoning [PDF]
Abstract: Provides information on the history of lead use; how lead exposure occurs; the health effects and symptoms of lead exposure; what to do in the event of lead exposure; how to learn more about lead; and employers' responsibility.
Source: Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Division

Lead Education and Outreach
Abstract: Contains links to lead brochures, lead awareness program activities, and current lead outreach grants.
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency

Lead Exposure
Abstract: Lists health effects of lead exposure, how lead gets into the body, how to reduce lead hazards in houses, and why women and children should be more concerned with lead exposure.
Source: United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Women's Health

Lead Exposure in the Home
Abstract: Discusses lead's impact on children, lead sources in the home, ways to reduce lead exposure risks, and medical screening for lead.
Source: National Network for Child Care

Lead in Drinking Water
Abstract: Lists how lead gets into drinking water and ways to prevent lead from getting into the water supply.
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency

Lead in the Environment Tutorial
Abstract: Contains information on souces of lead, health effects of lead, and regulations associated with lead.
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency

Lead Poisoning
Abstract: Lists lead souces in the home, causes of environmental contamination, toxic levels in children and animals, and symptoms of toxicity.
Source: Cornell University

Lead Poisoning Happens More Than You Think
Abstract: Provides links to current information on lead and lead poisoning.
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency

Lead Poisoning Resource Center
Abstract: Contains information on the danger of lead poisoning, lead laws, history of lead, sources of lead exposure, and medical effects of lead poisoning.
Source: Motley Rice, Lead Poisoning Lawyer

Lead Poisoning Resources
Abstract: Contains information on legal rights associated with lead, health effects of lead poisoning, lead poisoning news stories, sources of lead, lead prevention, and lead removal.
Source: The Hannon Law Firm, LCC

Lead Use and Alternatives [PDF]
Abstract: Discusses alternatives to lead in solder and plastics.
Source: Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute

Lead-Free Electronics
Abstract: Lists lead-free alternatives in electronics, solders, and finishers.
Source: Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute

Potential Regional Coordination on Pollution Prevention Technologies and Resouces for Industry Sectors Emitting or Transferring Lead or Lead Compounds in the Northeast [PDF]
Abstract: Lists alternatives uses of lead and lead compounds in different products.
Source: Northeast Waste Management Officials' Assocation

Preventing Lead Poisoning in Young Children
Abstract: Contains detailed information on health effects of lead, sources and pathways of lead, the role of health care providers and public agencies, and ways to manage lead hazards.
Source: United States Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control

Public Health Statement for Lead
Abstract: Contains an overview of lead, health effects of lead, ways to reduce lead poisoning, and ways lead can enter the environment and the human body.
Source: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Safe Drinking Water Act: Prohibition on Use of Lead Pipes, Solder, and Flux
Abstract: Describes prohibition of use of lead pipes, solder, and flux under the Safe Drinking Water Act.
Source: Cornell Law School

Safety Information: Lead Poisoning
Abstract: Discusses sources of lead exposure, symptoms of lead poisoning, and preventive measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of lead exposure.
Source: University of California, Davis Health System

Sources of Lead
Abstract: A complete list of products that contain lead.
Source: The LEAD (Lead Education and Abatement Design) Group Inc.

Technical Fact Sheet for Lead Hazards and Alternatives
Abstract: Lists products that contain lead, lead-free alternatives, and success stories.
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 5

Technology Transfer Network Air Toxics Website: Lead Compounds
Abstract: Lists the physical properites of lead, sources of lead exposure, and health hazard information of lead.
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency

The Future Alternatives of Tin-Lead in PCB Assembly
Abstract: Discusses alternatives to lead solder and tin-lead in PCB assembly.
Source: Felba Jan, Friedel Kazimierz, Kisiel Ryszard

ToxFAQs for Lead
Abstract: Lists how lead cycles through the environment, how humans are exposed to lead and the health effects it causes, and how lead poisoning has been reduced and what can still be done to reduce exposure.
Source: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Toxicological Profile for Lead
Abstract: Provides detailed information on the chemical and physical properties of lead; health effects of lead; production, import, use, and disposal of lead; human exposure to lead; and lead regulations and advisories.
Source: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Where Lead Comes From
Abstract: Lists places where lead commonly exists today.
Source: Vermont Housing and Conservation Board


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