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Background and Overview
Lead in Products
Health Effects
Regulations & Policies
Lead Prevention
Assistance Activities
Where To Go for Help
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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
NOTE: [PDF] links require Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Development of Ecological Wire and Cable "ECOGREEN"
Abstract: Discusses development of ecological wire and cable, including alternatives to leaded wiring.
Source: Hitachi Cable, Ld.

Getting the Lead Out: Impacts of and Alternatives for Automotive Lead Use [PDF]
Abstract: Lists alternatives to leaded products, such as lead-acid batteries, used in automobiles.
Source: Environmental Defense

Intel Lead-Free Solutions
Abstract: Contains information on Intel's progress to develop lead-free manufacturing standards and processes.
Source: Intel

Lead Fishing: Sinkers and Animals
Abstract: Lists why lead sinkers are a problem, effects of lead on animals, and ways to protect animals and humans from lead exposure, including lead-free alternatives.
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency

Lead Shot Alternatives
Abstract: Contains information on lead-free alternatives for ammunition, including bismuth, steel, tungsten/iron, and tungsten/polymer shots.
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 2

Lead Use and Alternatives [PDF]
Abstract: Discusses alternatives to lead in solder and plastics.
Source: Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute

Lead-Free Electronics
Abstract: Lists lead-free alternatives in electronics, solders, and finishers.
Source: Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute

Let's Get the Lead Out!
Abstract: Discusses alternatives to leaded sinker and jigs.
Source: Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance

Potential Regional Coordination on Pollution Prevention Technologies and Resouces for Industry Sectors Emitting or Transferring Lead or Lead Compounds in the Northeast [PDF]
Abstract: Lists alternatives uses of lead and lead compounds in different products.
Source: Northeast Waste Management Officials' Assocation

Technical Fact Sheet for Lead Hazards and Alternatives
Abstract: Lists products that contain lead, lead-free alternatives, and success stories.
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 5

The Future Alternatives of Tin-Lead in PCB Assembly
Abstract: Discusses alternatives to lead solder and tin-lead in PCB assembly.
Source: Felba Jan, Friedel Kazimierz, Kisiel Ryszard


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