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Lead in Products
Health Effects
Regulations & Policies
Lead Prevention
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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Childhood Lead Poisoning
Abstract: Lists how children get lead poisoning, health effects associated with it, and how it can be prevented.
Source: Illinois Department of Public Health

Facts About Lead in Paint
Abstract: Lists ways to detect if your house has lead paint, dangers assocaited with it, and temporary and permanent solutions to reduce lead paint exposure.
Source: Vermont Department of Health

Finding Lead in the Home: Common Sources of Lead [PDF]
Abstract: Lists preventive measures to reduce exposure to lead in dust, lead-based paint, soil, water, food, and folk medicine.
Source: Minnesota Department of Health

Frequently Asked Questions -- Lead Poisoning
Abstract: Lists a description of lead poisoning, health effects of lead poisoning, and preventive measures to reduce lead exposure.
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 2

Lead Exposure
Abstract: Lists health effects of lead exposure, how lead gets into the body, how to reduce lead hazards in houses, and why women and children should be more concerned with lead exposure.
Source: United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Women's Health

Lead Exposure in the Home
Abstract: Discusses lead's impact on children, lead sources in the home, ways to reduce lead exposure risks, and medical screening for lead.
Source: National Network for Child Care

Lead in the Environment Tutorial
Abstract: Contains information on souces of lead, health effects of lead, and regulations associated with lead.
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency

Lead Poisoning Happens More Than You Think
Abstract: Provides links to current information on lead and lead poisoning.
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency

Lead Poisoning Resources
Abstract: Contains information on legal rights associated with lead, health effects of lead poisoning, lead poisoning news stories, sources of lead, lead prevention, and lead removal.
Source: The Hannon Law Firm, LCC

Public Health Statement for Lead
Abstract: Contains an overview of lead, health effects of lead, ways to reduce lead poisoning, and ways lead can enter the environment and the human body.
Source: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Safety Information: Lead Poisoning
Abstract: Discusses sources of lead exposure, symptoms of lead poisoning, and preventive measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of lead exposure.
Source: University of California, Davis Health System

Tennessee's Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
Abstract: Contains information the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, lead sources, prevention tips, and a lead poisoning fact sheet.
Source: Tennessee Department of Health

ToxFAQs for Lead
Abstract: Lists how lead cycles through the environment, how humans are exposed to lead and the health effects it causes, and how lead poisoning has been reduced and what can still be done to reduce exposure.
Source: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

True/False Questions on Lead
Abstract: Lists answers to common questions about lead paint.
Source: New York State Department of Health


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