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Table of Contents
Background and Overview
Reasons for Change
Identifying Lean and E3 Opportunities
Where to go for Help
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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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‘Clean’ Manufacturing is Green Manufacturing
Abstract: A success story in the printing industry accomplished via integration of lean and environmental efforts.
Source: Label and Narrow Web

Administrative Lean
Abstract: Agencies are using lean to improve efficiency air and water/discharge permitting, leaking underground storage tank corrective action processes, and pollution prevention planning processes.
Source: US EPA

E3 Tools and Materials
Abstract: Links to information on E3, brochures, charter, partners, support network, and energy and economic development tools.
Source: Multi-Agency (Federal)

E3: Economy, Energy and Environment
Abstract: The E3 Initiative is a coordinated federal and local technical assistance initiative to help manufacturers adapt and thrive in a new business era focused on sustainability, through technical assessments of production processes and training.
Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

Green Manufacturing: Case Studies in Lean and Sustainability (Book for Purchase)
Abstract: Offers the first book-length collection of environmental concerns from a manufacturer’s perspective Provides practical, in-depth descriptions of environmental, and energy issues -- including the application of lean principles to these issues Illustrates concepts with real world examples
Source: Association for Manufacturing Excellence

Lean and Environment Case Study: Lasco Bathware (Yelm, Washington) [PDF]
Abstract: A team worked to identify numerous productivity and environmental improvements at this bathware manufacturing facility, via integration of lean and P2. Annual savings are over $140k.
Source: Washington Department of Ecology

Lean and Green Summit
Abstract: The epicenter of the merging lean and green movements. Summit is not as much about educating as it is about problem solving. Think solutions, not theory. Think action, not talk. Senior leadership and their entire planning teams should come prepared to address the growing demand for sustainable businesses.
Source: 2009 Lean and Green Summit

Lean, Energy & Environment (LE2) Analysis and Surface Cleaning Assessment [PDF]
Abstract: Description of lean and environmental effort to eliminate production bottlenecks and improve surface cleaning operations at a military vehicle fabricator.
Source: New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I)

Penn State's Lean and Green Research Initiative
Abstract: The Lean and Green Research Initiative conducts research and education to improve the delivery of high performance buildings through the development of resource efficient (lean) processes that maximize value at minimal delivery cost.
Source: Penn State University

The Kaizen Workshop: How to Play an Active, Influential Role
Abstract: Videos, writing and consulting and other tools that brings health and productivity to the lives of others through the work they do, while eliminating waste and preventing pollution. Carlos Venegas, a principle of Straus Forest LLC, has designed and led scores of successful process-improvement implementations in a wide range of organizations, from a Fortune 500 company to a 4-employee small business.
Source: Straus Forest


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