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Background and Overview
Reasons for Change
Identifying Lean and E3 Opportunities
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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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“Lean and Green” Manufacturing Program Helps Washington’s Small Manufacturers Reduce Energy Use and Waste [PDF]
Abstract: The “Lean and Green” program, which began in 2006 as a pilot project funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, benefits manufacturers and customers by uniting organizations that help small manufacturers improve their business efficiency with organizations that advise businesses on how to enhance their environmental performance.
Source: Apollo Alliance

5S Comprehensive Education and Resource Center
Abstract: In-depth description of 5S, applications of 5S, implementation strategy and benefits.
Source: CSS Research

Case Studies and Best Practices
Abstract: This website has examples of the types of environmental benefits that result from lean implementation. Click on each link to view a full case study of the organization's lean activities and the environmental implications of those activities.
Source: EPA

From Lean to Green: Interface, Inc. [PDF]
Abstract: Interface is a leading manufacturer striving for environmental sustainability. The article describes connections between lean practices and environmental sustainability using Interface's accomplishments.
Source: Association for Manufacturing Excellence’s Target Magazine

Green Suppliers Network: Lean and Clean Value Stream Mapping [PDF]
Abstract: Value Stream Mapping is a Lean process mapping method used to understand the sequence of activities in producing a product. The Lean and Clean value stream mapping method can help identify ways to reduce costs, improve production flow, save time, reduce inventory, and improve environmental performance.
Source: Green Suppliers Network

Green Suppliers Network: Lean Met Green and Got Hitched
Abstract: An increasing number of manufacturing enterprises realize the value to their stakeholders from committing to a "lean and clean" approach. This article shares the experience of several companies participating in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) collaborative Green Suppliers Network program with the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) and related initiatives. Though it targets small- and medium-sized U.S. companies, GSN provides a useful model for larger organiza­tions as well.(PDF)
Source: Association for Manufacturing Excellence

How to Integrate Lean and Green- 12 Tips for the EH&S Professional [PDF]
Abstract: Twelve tips from experience in the field - describing ways environmental & safety/health professionals can bring their expertise into lean.
Source: Straus Forest

Incorporating toxics use reduction into Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma at Ophir Optics. 2011
Abstract: Ophir Optics utilized Lean and Six Sigma tools for a variety of projects, including toxics use reduction, and reduced its use of toxic chemicals and generation of hazardous waste, and increased energy efficiency.
Source: Toxics Use Reduction Institute

Lean & Green 3-Part Video Series
Abstract: Uses Washington's Columbia Paint project examples to discuss these topics (on video) 1) How to Integrate Lean and Green 2) 12 Lean Tips for EH&S Professionals 3) How Lean and Green can go Viral
Source: Straus Forest

Lean and Green White Paper [PDF]
Abstract: The first edition of Lean and Green News will be sent in the coming weeks. As a benefit to early subscribers, you have been given access to a white paper making the business case for lean and green. (PDF)
Source: 2009 Lean and Green Summit

Lean Manufacturers’ Transcendence to Green Manufacturing
Abstract: Lean manufacturers were studied to determine if such manufacturers were transcending to a Green state as a result of their commitment to Lean production. The Lean manufacturers were all companies that received site visits from the Shingo Prize team between 2000 and 2005 as part of the evaluation process for the Prize. This sample included 120 individual manufacturing plants, from which 47 usable surveys were received. The data from this sample was compared to similar data published by Melnyk, Sroufe, and Calantone (2003) regarding the Greenness of 1100 general manufacturing plants in the US.
Source: Industrial Engineering Research Conference

Lean Manufacturing and the Environment: Research on Advanced Manufacturing Systems and the Environment and Recommendations for Leveraging Better Environmental Performance [PDF]
Abstract: Ross & Associates’ interpretation of the research, case study information, and interviews with lean experts to explore the relationship between lean production and environmental performance.
Source: Environmental Protection Agency

Parallel Models for Lean and Green Operations [PDF]
Abstract: Many leading companies have implemented Lean Manufacturing Programs which yield increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved customer response time, and more. Others have adopted “Green” Programs resulting in reduced energy consumption, waste generation, and hazardous materials usage. Models for both Lean and Green systems all include management systems, waste identification, and implementation of waste reducing techniques (WRT) to achieve desired business results. Studying known Lean companies, we confirmed that strength of management system correlates with WRT implementation which correlates with business results for both Lean and Green Programs. Our results indicate that Lean and Green Programs lead to improved business results.
Source: Industrial Engineering Research Conference

The Kaizen Workshop: How to Play an Active, Influential Role
Abstract: Videos, writing and consulting and other tools that brings health and productivity to the lives of others through the work they do, while eliminating waste and preventing pollution. Carlos Venegas, a principle of Straus Forest LLC, has designed and led scores of successful process-improvement implementations in a wide range of organizations, from a Fortune 500 company to a 4-employee small business.
Source: Straus Forest

Use Lean Manufacturing Principles to Deliver Green Results
Abstract: Embracing green manufacturing requires giving more focus to environmental and energy concerns during the implementation of reliability improvement projects. (by Darrin Wikoff).
Source: Reliability Plant

Where Lean Meets Green [PDF]
Abstract: Lean thinking is helping Boeing meet the challenge of satisfying customers and running a healthy business. The St. Louis SHEA Chemical Management Services (CMS) team, at A&M embraces both Lean Enterprise and Environmental Stewardship concepts.
Source: The Boeing Company


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