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Background and Overview
Reasons for Change
Identifying Lean and E3 Opportunities
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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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“Lean and Green” Manufacturing Program Helps Washington’s Small Manufacturers Reduce Energy Use and Waste [PDF]
Abstract: The “Lean and Green” program, which began in 2006 as a pilot project funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, benefits manufacturers and customers by uniting organizations that help small manufacturers improve their business efficiency with organizations that advise businesses on how to enhance their environmental performance.
Source: Apollo Alliance

A Lean Guide to Transforming Healthcare: How to Implement Lean Principles in Hospitals, Medical Offices, Clinics, and Other Healthcare Organizations
Abstract: Book for sale (Author Zidel, T) is an implementation manual for lean tools and principles in a healthcare environment.
Source: American Society for Quality

A3 Reports: Tool for Process Improvement [PDF]
Abstract: Describes the utiity of using the A3 process in lean.
Source: Montana State University

Achieving a Green Supply Chain through Lean Manufacturing
Abstract: Offers strong considerations and reasons for "Putting Your Supply Chain on a Green Diet" using lean and environmental strategies.
Source: Supply Chain Management Review

Are Lean and Green Programs Synergistic? [PDF]
Abstract: Since Lean and Green Programs each require management commitment and employee involvement, identification and reduction of organizational wastes, and continuously improving organizations, intuition suggests implementing one program may actually make implementing the second program less arduous. A study of known Lean companies shows that many Green elements are included in their Lean Programs. Evidence supports the conclusion that a significant synergy exists between Lean and Green Programs, suggesting that firms pursuing Leanness will be more successful if they also pursue Green objectives.
Source: Industrial Engineering Research Conference

Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production System (TPS) [PDF]
Abstract: A short article (for purchase) explaining the paradox of the Toyota Production System: on one hand, everything is rigidly scripted, while on the other, the system is amazingly flexible for customers.
Source: Harvard Business Review

E3: Economy, Energy & Environment Program – COW Industries
Abstract: C.O.W. Industries was selected by American Electric Power as a participant in an E3 assessment and project. The project resulted in a energy savings, process improvement, training of the workforce, and a reduction in costs and increase in sales.
Source: TechSolve

E3: Economy, Energy and Environment
Abstract: The E3 Initiative is a coordinated federal and local technical assistance initiative to help manufacturers adapt and thrive in a new business era focused on sustainability, through technical assessments of production processes and training.
Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

Green Manufacturing: Case Studies in Lean and Sustainability (Book for Purchase)
Abstract: Offers the first book-length collection of environmental concerns from a manufacturer’s perspective Provides practical, in-depth descriptions of environmental, and energy issues -- including the application of lean principles to these issues Illustrates concepts with real world examples
Source: Association for Manufacturing Excellence

John Grout's Poka-Yoke Page
Abstract: Information and visual examples on mistake-proofing, zero quality control (ZQC), and failsafing.
Source: John Grout

Lean and Green Assistance (PPRC)
Abstract: Offers information/resources on lean and green, and describes how the Pollution Prevention Resource Center can assist P2Rx centers and others in initiating lean and green referrals, contacts, and projects.
Source: Pollution Prevention Resource Center

Lean and Green Manufacturing (Blog on Learn Lean)
Abstract: Blog entry on evolution and development of lean and environmental initiatives and successes.
Source: Learn Lean Manufacturing

Lean and Green Summit
Abstract: The epicenter of the merging lean and green movements. Summit is not as much about educating as it is about problem solving. Think solutions, not theory. Think action, not talk. Senior leadership and their entire planning teams should come prepared to address the growing demand for sustainable businesses.
Source: 2009 Lean and Green Summit

Lean Ecology
Abstract: Various lean and environment tools, worksheets, and a video of the Washington Lean and Environment project at Columbia Paint.
Source: Straus Forest

Lean Manufacturers’ Transcendence to Green Manufacturing
Abstract: Lean manufacturers were studied to determine if such manufacturers were transcending to a Green state as a result of their commitment to Lean production. The Lean manufacturers were all companies that received site visits from the Shingo Prize team between 2000 and 2005 as part of the evaluation process for the Prize. This sample included 120 individual manufacturing plants, from which 47 usable surveys were received. The data from this sample was compared to similar data published by Melnyk, Sroufe, and Calantone (2003) regarding the Greenness of 1100 general manufacturing plants in the US.
Source: Industrial Engineering Research Conference

Lean Manufacturing and Environment: Case Studies & Best Practices
Abstract: 15 real-world examples and short case studies of the types of environmental benefits that result from lean implementation at various organizations.
Source: US EPA

Lean Manufacturing Checklists and Forms
Abstract: Downloadable audit checklists to help identify productivity improvement opportunities at facilities: such as the seven deadly wastes, work flow, layout, time studies, and set-up reduction.
Source: Lean Manufacturing Resource Center

Lean Manufacturing Will Be The Only Way To Ride Out Coming Storm
Abstract: Excellent article on incentives to adopt lean techniques, including for implementation of ISO 14000. Focuses on the automobile supply chain.
Source: Manufacturing

Lean to Green Sustainability Tech Group (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)
Abstract: This technical group of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is currently revamping (and for now, does not have a dedicated website), but the SME website can be searched for have info and results on their efforts to incorporate environment into lean.
Source: Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Lean, Green Design: a Key Resource for Small Business
Abstract: Discusses importance of using both lean and green principles in design, a success story, and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership expertise and contributions.
Source: Greener Design

Next Generation Manufacturing (NGM) Study [PDF]
Abstract: The Next Generation Manufacturing (NGM) Study assessed US progress in NGM strategies, including sustainability & lean. Commissioned by the American Small Manufacturers Coalition & Manufacturing Extension Partnership.
Source: American Small Manufacturers Coalition

Northwest Lean Network
Abstract: Active listserv of lean professionals, focusing mostly on lean, not lean and environment.
Source: Northwest Lean Network

Parallel Models for Lean and Green Operations [PDF]
Abstract: Many leading companies have implemented Lean Manufacturing Programs which yield increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved customer response time, and more. Others have adopted “Green” Programs resulting in reduced energy consumption, waste generation, and hazardous materials usage. Models for both Lean and Green systems all include management systems, waste identification, and implementation of waste reducing techniques (WRT) to achieve desired business results. Studying known Lean companies, we confirmed that strength of management system correlates with WRT implementation which correlates with business results for both Lean and Green Programs. Our results indicate that Lean and Green Programs lead to improved business results.
Source: Industrial Engineering Research Conference

Penn State's Lean and Green Research Initiative
Abstract: The Lean and Green Research Initiative conducts research and education to improve the delivery of high performance buildings through the development of resource efficient (lean) processes that maximize value at minimal delivery cost.
Source: Penn State University

The Seven Deadly Wastes
Abstract: The endless pursuit of waste elimination is the essence of lean manufacturing. Eliminate waste by understanding the seven deadly wastes and identifying where they exist.

U.S. EPA: Lean Thinking and Methods
Abstract: EPA's primer on how lean manufacturing is different from traditional, lean methods, Overall Lean Frameworks Process Improvement Methods Advanced Lean Enterprise Methods What is Lean? By definition, lean manufacturing is the systematic elimination
Source: US EPA

U.S. EPA: Lean and Environment Toolkit [PDF]
Abstract: This toolkit was created to help enhance the understanding and on-the-ground implementation of strategies for integrating environmental considerations into Lean manufacturing
Source: EPA

U.S. EPA's Lean Manufacturing and Environment Website
Abstract: The US EPA discusses how lean manufacturing ties into environmental performance and offers numerous resources.
Source: US EPA

US Department of Energy Save Energy Now Program - Energy Assessments
Abstract: Describes the Save Energy Now program's energy assessment assistance and services.
Source: US Department of Energy

Use Lean Manufacturing Principles to Deliver Green Results
Abstract: Embracing green manufacturing requires giving more focus to environmental and energy concerns during the implementation of reliability improvement projects. (by Darrin Wikoff).
Source: Reliability Plant

Virginia Mason Adds Unit to Teach Path to Productivity
Abstract: Seattle-based Virginia Mason recently founded an institute to teach other health providers how to boost productivity at healthcare facilities based on the lean manufacturing principles. (Requires subscription)
Source: Puget Sound Business Journal

What is Lean?
Abstract: The Lean Enterprise Institute offers a basic introduction to lean. Join the membership and access hundreds of articles on lean, including several on lean and environment.
Source: Lean Enterprise Institute


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