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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Best Management Practices for Delaware Boat Maintenance Facilities [PDF]
Abstract: This thorough guidebook presents a listing and description of Best Management Practices for marina materials and operations, a checklist, and diagrams on how to install the infrastructure needed for several of the BMPs.
Source: Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

Best Management Practices for Marinas and Boatyards
Abstract: Guidebook explaining the complete pictures of marinas. Includes information on what operations a marina performs and best management practices for each of them and the materials used in the processes. Contains a very thorough section on erosion control BMPs for renovating or siting new marinas.
Source: Maine Department of Environmental Protection

Clean Waters Starting in Your Home and Yard: Environmentally Responsible Boating [PDF]
Abstract: A fact sheet on Environmentally Responsible Boating: methods to prevent pollution.
Source: Sea Grant Connecticut

El Dorado County Marina Program
Abstract: Provides an example of a region that has implemented a P2 Marina Program. Describes how to properly use oil absorbent pads and pillows, which California marinas have accepted and support their usage.
Source: California Environmental Management Department

Georgia Strait Alliance Green Boating Program
Abstract: Within this website is a 16-page Green Boating Guide, covering multiple topics pertaining to Best Management Practices for boat maintenance.
Source: Georgia Strait Alliance

National Clean Boating Campaign
Abstract: The National Clean Boating Campaign webiste provides an excellent bibliography for links to clean boating and marina websites. Also includes fact sheets, lists of other organizing programs, and sponsors of the program.
Source: Marine Environment Education Foundation

New Jersey Clean Marina Initiative: Clean Marinas Are Good Business
Abstract: Clean Marina Initiative assists marinas and boatyard operators to protect their water resources through a voluntary program which aims to provide managers with the resources they need to prevent water pollution. Website provides further information on additional Clean Marina materials.
Source: Monmouth County, New Jersey

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation: Marinas
Abstract: This marinas section of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation provides a complete listing of NYS marinas, and links to both the Clean Vessel Act and the Environmental Facilities Corporation, which provides technical and administrative support for the program.
Source: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

The Mid-Atlantic States: Storm Water Pollution Prevention
Abstract: This helpful site discusess all aspects of storm water pollution prevention with regards to marinas and boat yards. Lists all pollutants and their source as they relate to boat maintenance and repair and provides sample storm water pollution prevention plans for marinas.
Source: Environmental Protection Agency - Region 3


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