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Adhesives / Alternative technologies / Aqueous cleaning / Best management practices / Centrifugation / Compressed air / Coolants / Cutting fluids / Economic analysis / Filtration / Grinding and polishing / Metal cutting / Metal treating / Oil filters / Oil separators / Pollution prevention / Process modification / Recovery equipment / Recycling (Waste, etc.) / Salt bath / Scrap metals / Separation (Technology) / Waste reduction / Welding

Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Cleaner Production - Replacement of Salt Baths with Fluidised Bed Furnaces - Quality Heat Treatment Pty Ltd
Abstract: Case study that details a technology that replaces salt bath heat treatment.
Source: Environment Australia

Cutting Fluid Management: Small Machining Operations [PDF]
Abstract: Reviews cutting fluid properties, characteristics, and functions in small facilities. Suggests alternative products, such as ag-based cutting fluids and cryogenic nitrogen.
Source: Iowa Waste Reduction Center

Metalworking Fluids
Abstract: A list of resources with contact information for vendors of soy-based metalworking fluids.
Source: United Soybean Board

Non-contact Cooling Water
Abstract: Non-contact cooling water may be used in the metal fabrication industry to cool equipment. It is an alternative to traditional metalworking fluids and coolants.
Source: Minnesota Technical Assistance Program

Seed-based Metalworking Fluid
Abstract: An introduction of seed-based (soy) oils as alternatives to traditional metalworking fluids.
Source: Occupational Health and Safety

Waste Minimisation in Metal Fabrication and Machining [PDF]
Abstract: Identifies waste minimization opportunities for the metal fabrication and machining industry that can save money.
Source: Centre for Excellence in Cleaner Production and Environment Australia


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