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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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A Primer on Waterborne Coatings [PDF]
Abstract: Makes case for waterborne coatings over solvent-based, which can reduce costs and volatile organic compound (VOC)
Source: Georgia Pollution Prevention Assistance Division

Cost Reduction Through Waste Reduction: Chapter 09: Swing n' Slide
Abstract: The video shows production of metal hardware and a powder coating which reduces VOC emissions. (It also shows the production and packaging of plastic items).
Source: Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center

Mazda's New Paint System Cuts VOC Emissions by 57 Percent
Abstract: Mazda began using a new paint system at a Japanese facility that it claims carries the smallest environmental footprint of any water-based paint system being used today.

Mazda's Three Layer Wet Paint System Receives Prize
Abstract: This system simplifies the painting process by combining the primer coating process with top coating to deliver comprehensive environmental benefits such as reduction of volatile organic compounds by as much as 45%.

Zero Discharge Aqueous Cleaning Line
Abstract: Eliminate TCA in metal cleaning and degreasing prior to assembly and coating
Source: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


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