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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Conductivity Controls in Water Rinsing, Cooling Towers, and Boilers
Abstract: Overview and Guidance on using conductivity control systems to reduce water and chemical use in rinse tanks, boilers and cooling towers.
Source: Pollution Prevention Resource Center

Reducing Water Consumption: Conductivity Control at Harris Broadcast Communication Division [PDF]
Abstract: Case study on analysis of a multi-stage immersion parts washing system and subsequent design and installation of conductivity controls to minimize water use and waste.
Source: Illinois Conservation of Resources and Energy (ICORE)

Reducing Water Consumption: Conductivity Control at Harris Broadcast Communication Division [PDF]
Abstract: Installation of conductivity measurement reduces water use and wastewater generation.
Source: ISTC Illinois

Wastewater Minimization and Process Improvement for a Five-Stage Iron Phosphate Washer [PDF]
Abstract: Case study of a metal finisher that drastically reduced wastewater and hazardous wastes with ultrafiltration and rinse counterflow.
Source: Georgia Pollution Prevention Assistance Division (P2AD)


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