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Background and Overview
Reasons for Change
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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
NOTE: [PDF] links require Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Costs and Benefits of Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Abstract: The impact of greenhouse gas emissions in global climate change and global economic growth require that policymakers carefully evaluate the costs and benefits of policies to limit emissions.
Source: American Council for Capital Formation

Ohio Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization Planning Guidance Manual: Define Pollution Prevention Options
Abstract: Generic source reduction options identified along with a reminder to prioritize.
Source: Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Ohio Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization Planning Guidance Manual: Definition of Terms
Abstract: Terms as defined by Ohio statute and regulation
Source: Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

P2 Regional Information Center (P2RIC)
Abstract: P2 Regional Information Center page has synonyms of P2 with definition
Source: P2RIC

P2 Strategies for College Campuses: A Case Study at the University of Michigan
Abstract: Well documented case study for a large campus
Source: National Pollution Prevention Center

Pollution Prevention and Abatement Handbook: Implementing Cleaner Production
Abstract: Discussion of the importance of cleaner production, the rople of government, differences between business types, success stories from around the world
Source: The World Bank Group

Pollution Prevention and Abatement Handbook: Key Policy Lessons [PDF]
Abstract: Overview of environmental managemetn lessesn for public and private sector.
Source: The World Bank Group

Pollution Prevention Review
Abstract: Ordering site for a quarterly journal that focuses on source reduction and waste minimization.
Source: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Profiting From Source Reduction: Measuring the Hidden Benefits: Executive Summary [PDF]
Abstract: This study researched, developed, tested, and demonstrated source reduction measurement tools for businesses and institutions in Alameda County.
Source: Alameda County's StopWaste

Technology Transfer "Highlights"
Abstract: List of Technology Transfer Publication updates
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency

What is Pollution Prevention?
Abstract: Defines p2 and the economic incentives.
Source: National Pollution Prevention Roundtable


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