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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Bicarbonate Of Soda Stripping [PDF]
Abstract: Technical review of bicarbonate of soda as a mechanical blast media for removing paint, as an alternative to chemical stripping.

Carbon Dioxide Blasting Operations
Abstract: Describes this process which uses small flakes of dry ice instead of conventional abrasives, which hit small particulate contaminants (< 1 micron), then vaporize, lifting contamination from the surface.
Source: US Navy

Plastic Media Blasting [PDF]
Abstract: Technical review on the use of plastic as a blasting media to remove paint.
Source: U.S. Navy

Plastic Media Blasting Paint Stripping
Abstract: Describes this dry, abrasive blasting process using reusable, angular plastic particles. Well suited for stripping paints because the low pressure and relatively soft plastic particles have minimal effects on surfaces beneath the paint.
Source: US Navy

Stormwater Collection, Treatment, Recycling and Reuse in a Shipyard
Abstract: Describes relationship between stormwater runoff and water quality for a floating drydock. Effort led to a computer model for predicting particulate and dissolved contaminant mobilization from a drydock surface. Report characterizes stormwater regulatory
Source: Center for Advanced Ship Repair and Maintenance (CASRM), Old Dominion University

Waste Reduction Alternatives for Painting and Coating Operations
Abstract: Technical brief provides background an describes alternative painting and coating processesfor the maritime industry.
Source: Maritime Environmental Resources and Information Center


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