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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
NOTE: [PDF] links require Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

A Primer on Waterborne Coatings [PDF]
Abstract: Issues to consider when switching from solvent based coatings to water based coatings.
Source: Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Best Management Practices (BMP) for Oregon Shipyards [PDF]
Abstract: New ways to comply with a variety of environmental laws regulating shipbuilding and ship repair facilities in Oregon, this guide to BMPs, introduces a variety of methods to lower pollution emissions to the air, water and soil.
Source: Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Boating, Shipbuilding, and Marinas: Top 10 Pollution Prevention Opportunities
Abstract: Brief but informative- lists alternative paint-removal techniques, recycling thinners and solvents, cleaning tools with citrus-based emulsifiers.
Source: Washington Department of Ecology

Documents and Resources for Painting / Finishing Operations
Abstract: Provides detail on processes involved in the finishing of products and pollution prevention opportunities to mitigate environmental impacts. Expert contacts also listed.
Source: Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable

EMS Implementation Guide for the Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Industry
Abstract: Template for EMS implementation assembled from the best & most recent EPA-sponsored sources and information collected from shipbuilding and repair resources. Customized to the industry.
Source: Sector Star

Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health Inspections: A Guide for Shipyard Managers and Employees
Abstract: Legal advice/checklist of factors for shipyards, regarding facility inspections on occupational & environmental and safety. (In transition to being posted at the National Technical Information Service (
Source: National Shipbuilding Research Program

Environmental Training Modules; Module 1 Good Environmental Practices [PDF]
Abstract: 18 Good Environmental Practice training sessions for workers new to the shipyard.
Source: National Shipbuilding Research Program

Guide to Cleaner Technologies - Organic Coating Removal [PDF]
Abstract: Describes issues and methods of paint and coating removal processes by chemical means, and then discusses physical removal options that have less of an environmental impact.
Source: Environmental Protection Agency

Hazardous Waste Minimization Guide for Shipyards
Abstract: Describes P2 opportunities for all functions at a shipyard. (In transition to being posted at the National Technical Information Service (
Source: National Shipbuilding Research Program

Maritime Environmental Resources and Information Center
Abstract: Resource for the shipbuilding industry in planning & implementing environmental improvements. Documents cover dredging technology, ship diesel engines, recommended practices for abrasive blasting.
Source: Gulf Coast Region Maritime Technology Center

National Shipbuilding Research Program - Advanced Shipbuilding Enterprise
Abstract: Provides an interactive forum and access to studies and standards on environmental and production issues related to the shipbuilding industry.
Source: National Shipbuilding Research Program

Northwest Shipyard Industry Roundtable Reports
Abstract: (Scroll down) A series of roundtables roundtables covering alternative P2 and treatment technologies, tools to analyze alternatives, working productively with government on stormwater requirements and more.
Source: Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center

Paints and Coating Resource Center
Abstract: Provides regulatory and pollution prevention information for painting and coating, including a "free" ask the expert feature.
Source: Environmental Protection Agency

Pollution Prevention for Marinas and Boat Yards - Best Management Practices for Wisconsin Operators [PDF]
Abstract: Guide for recreational & commercial docks & boat maintenance facilities: addresses storm water runoff, spills, fueling, paint removal, sanding hulls and decks, painting, engine cleaning, pressure washing, antifreeze, batteries, and fiberglass repair.
Source: P2 Pays

Profile of the Shipbuilding and Repair Industry [PDF]
Abstract: Provides information on industrial processes used at shipyards, their pollution outputs, pollution prevention, and applicable federal regulations.
Source: Environmental Protection Agency


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