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Background and Overview
Operations and Technology
Environmental Regulations
Reasons for Change
Terms & Definitions
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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Fact Sheet 1: Municipal Solid Waste Composting: Physical Processing
Abstract: This fact sheet discuss the biological process necessary to ensure quality product is produced.
Source: Dept. of Agricultural and Biological Engineering Cornell University

Coker Composting and Consulting
Abstract: Coker Composting and Consulting was founded in 2005 to give composters and others access to qualified professional consultant assistance.
Source: Coker Composting and Consulting

Commercial and Industrial Organics Food Services Composting Projects on the Rise [PDF]
Abstract: Article gives basic overview on how to established an composting facility.
Source: Biocycle

Composting and Compost Use for Water Quality [PDF]
Abstract: Contains links to websites which describe the use of composted organic materials for environmentally beneficial purposes.

Coompost Fact Sheet #7:Compost Equipment [PDF]
Source: Cornell Waste Management Institute

Cornell Composting
Abstract: Basic background information on Composting
Source: Cornell University Waste Management Institute

Fact Sheet 2:Municipal Solid Waste Composting: Physical Processing
Abstract: Four tasks are central to the design of a modern MSW composting system: collection, contaminant separation, sizing and mixing, and biological decomposition. This fact sheet reviews the various technologies and options currently available for preprocessing MSW and accomplishing the first three tasks.
Source: Dept. of Agricultural and Biological Engineering Cornell University

Land Cleanup and Wastes
Abstract: EPA Region 4 state composting program links.
Source: EPA

Rotary Drum Composting Technology
Abstract: Transform Compost Systems together with the Alberta Research Council, and Coil Manufacturing designed this large Rotary Drum Composter.
Source: Transform Compost Systems

Sludge Treatment and Disposal: Sludge Disposal [PDF]
Abstract: Article discuss the process on sludge disposal. In Chapter 8 discuss sewage sludge composting and some technologies that maybe use and some case studies.
Source: EPA

US Composting Council
Abstract: The USCC is a trade and professional organization promoting compost. We provide a unified voice for the growing composting industry. The US Composting Council is involved in research, public education, composting and compost standards, expansion of compost markets and the enlistment of public support.
Source: US Composting Council


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