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Reasons for Change
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Acid rain / Air filters / Air monitoring / Air pollution control / Air quality / Air quality management / Alternative fuels / Efficiency / Electric power / Electric power plants / Electricity / Emission control / Emissions / Energy auditing / Energy conservation / Energy consumption / Environment / Factory and trade waste / Fossil fuels / Global warming / Greenhouse gases / Oil industry / Pollution prevention / Safety measures

Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Case Studies [PDF]
Abstract: Case studies utilizing life cycle assessments as a management tool for incorporation into current LCRA education curricula.
Source: LCRA

Enviro Oil Filter Pilot Test [PDF]
Abstract: Dalchau Service Center Enviro Oil Filter Pilot Test Report. Part of the LCRA Pollution Solution Program

Abstract: Corrosion control of existing steel structures at GENCO.
Source: LCRA

Hydrogen Cooler Cleaning Pilot Test [PDF]
Abstract: LCRA Pollution Solution Program Pilot Project Report
Source: LCRA

Joint Pollution Prevention Initiatives [PDF]
Abstract: LCRA/TNRCC joint pollution prevention initiatives
Source: LCRA

Krylon Paint Source Reduction Case Study [PDF]
Abstract: This project involves the reduction of Krylon paint usage through the implementation of inventory controls and the reduction of hazardous waste by depressurizing aerosol cans prior to disposal.
Source: LCRA

Life Cycle Cost Approach [PDF]
Abstract: Life cycle cost approach to managing chemicals and materials

Non Hazardous Fluorescent Lighting [PDF]
Abstract: This project involves the reduction in hazardous fluorescent lamps generated during electrical relamping activities.
Source: LCRA

Reverse Osmosis Primary and Secondary water Treatment Case Study [PDF]
Abstract: This project primarily involved the reduction of raw materials and labor used to regenerate resin beds associated with the demineralizer process used to make boiler makeup water.
Source: LCRA

Solvent Distillation Waste Management [PDF]
Abstract: This project involves the recycling of citrus solvent using a process distillation unit.
Source: LCRA

Source Reduction / Waste Minimization Case Studies at LCRA [PDF]
Abstract: This project involves the reduction of disposable "Chemtec" shop rags at SGP through employee awareness and training and the use of reusable red rags.
Source: LCRA

Abstract: A pollution prevention case study involving the field encapsulation of lead based paint.
Source: LCRA


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