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Fiberglass Fabrication: Acknowledgments
Table of Contents
Background and Overview
Glossary of Terms
Reasons for Change
P2 Opportunities
(NEW!) Styrene Issues in Fiberglass Fabication
Where To Go for P2 Help
Complete List of Links


Pollution prevention in the molded fiberglass fabrication industry offers a way to reduce the significant amount of materials, chemicals, energy, and water consumed during manufacturing, as well as wastes, emissions, employee exposure, and environmental releases.

The author of this topic hub extends special thanks to all of the contributors who helped make this product technically accurate and a credible resource.

Technical Contributors and Reviewers

Judy Kennedy, Environmental Engineer
Hazardous Waste and Toxics Reduction Unit
Washington State Department of Ecology

Greg Wingstrom
Air Compliance Section
Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM)

Karen Tehila
Community Health and Education Coordinator

Karl DeWahl, Manufacturing Team Leader/Senior Engineer
Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP)
University of Minnesota

Jeff Becker, Engineer
MnTAP, University of Minnesota

Bob Goldberg
(formerly with)
Washington Department of Ecology

Editorial Reviewers

Diana Olegre
Washington State Department of Ecology

Jean Waters
Pollution Prevention Specialist
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Mary Rankin
Kansas State University Pollution Prevention Institute
Manhattan, KS

Crispin Stutzman (formerly with)
Pollution Prevention Resource Center

Original Producer

Chris Wiley (formerly with)
Pacific Pollution Prevention Resource Center

Web Function Reviewer

Crispin Stutzman
Pollution Prevention Resource Center
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-352-2050

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