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Mercury-Automotive: Alternative Products
Table of Contents
Background and Overview
Collection Programs
Alternative Products
Handling, Recycling & Disposal
Mercury Reduction Programs
Where To Go for Help
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Mercury in Vehicles
This website provides links to known uses of mercury in vehicles in 2000-2001 cars and also in pre-1...

Alternatives to mercury light switches include: pendulum, rolling ball, transistor, and limit switches. The alternatives may be more expensive (approximately $0.09/switch) initially, but if life cycle costs of mercury switches are considered (including switch removal at the end-of-life and mercury recycling), the alternatives are less expensive. Mercury switches used for convenience lighting can be easily removed and replaced; the process takes approximately one minute.

For mercury switches in antilock braking systems a computerized system, called an analog accelerometer, is a non-mercury alternative. This alternative is available and must be practical because General Motors has used it from the beginning of antilock braking technology. However, the non-mercury alternative must be installed in the automobile during manufacture; the mercury switch on the antilock braking systems cannot be replaced with a non-mercury alternative once the automobile has been built.



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