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Mercury-Automotive: Collection Programs
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Collection Programs
Alternative Products
Handling, Recycling & Disposal
Mercury Reduction Programs
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Some organizations and state agencies have organized "switch the switch" programs to exchange mercury switches in convenience lighting with non-mercury alternatives for automobiles currently in use. Organizations and state agencies have also worked with automobile recyclers to remove mercury switches from end-of-life vehicles.

For example:

The Ecology Center and the Clean Car Campaign are organizing "switch the switch" events by finding other environmental agencies, businesses and government agencies to host them. The events demonstrate the feasibility of changing out mercury switches used in convenience lighting.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NY DEC) developed a program where the public could request a free ball bearing switch to replace the mercury switch used in convenience lighting (trunk and hood). Also, NY DEC partnered with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers to implement a program to educate the automobile recyclers about the proper mercury switch removal techniques and proper handling or shipping of the switches for recycling.

An advisory group to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection recommended the following options for mercury switch removal:

  1. removal as a condition of annual automobile inspection
  2. manufacturer-sponsored voluntary switch removal
  3. removal by used car dealers
  4. removal by automobile recyclers

The Clean Car Campaign is also working with manufacturers to encourage them to design vehicles that do not contain mercury switches.


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