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Dioxin: Assistance Activities
Table of Contents
Background and Overview
Releases to the Atmosphere
Dioxin in the Environment
Dioxin in the Food Supply
Health Effects
Regulations & Policies
Dioxin Prevention
Assistance Activities
Where To Go for Help
Complete List of Links

The Regional Activities Database compiles information about various activities and initiatives of assistance programs throughout the Northeast. Listed below are 7 activities in the database related to the dioxin. For more details on any of these activities, please click on the "Go" button.


Program Title Organization Details
Toxics Release Inventory Environmental Protection Agency - Region 1
NH Dioxin Reduction Strategy New Hampshire Dept. of Environmental Services
P2 Strategies for Dioxins in NY/NJ Harbor Environmental Protection Agency- Region 2 and New York Academy of Sciences
Waste Burning Reduction Project Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association
Pollution Prevention Strategies for Dioxin Environmental Protection Agency - Region 2 and New York Academy of Sciences
Grants To Prevent Trash Burning Vermont Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Dioxin in the Environment Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection


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