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Pollution Prevention (P2) for Consumers: Introduction
Table of Contents
In the Home
In the Yard
Getting Around Town
Travel and Recreation
Community-Based Social Marketing
Where to go for Help
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Seemingly small daily choices have a surprisingly large and cumulative impact on people's money and time, as well as on the environment. P2Rx has compiled information and resources that describe both large and small steps consumers can take to save money while preventing pollution. Personal choices related to transportation, food, and household operations can have significant environmental impacts, and, as such, are the focus of this Topic Hub.

Consumers can do many things to save time, money, and natural resources in their homes and yards. For example, replacing just one regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb can save a consumer an average of $30 over the bulb's lifetime and keep 450 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions out of the environment.1 Buying locally grown food cuts global warming emissions by reducing the transportation needed to transport the food and helps local farmers by supporting the local economy. Visit the home and yard sections of the hub to learn more about these topic areas

Transportation choices are key for consumers wishing to minimize their environmental impact. According to the Energy Information Administration, the United States imports about 9 million barrels of oil per day,2 consuming 25 percent of the world's oil. Passenger vehicles use 40 percent of our total oil consumption.3 To help consumers make wise transportation choices, P2Rx has compiled information on responsible travel from workday commuting to vacation travel. Visit the transportation section for more information.

For those interested in strategies to effect change in consumption patterns, P2Rx has also gathered resources on Community Based Social Marketing (CBSM). While many of the actions described in this Topic Hub will both benefit the environment and save consumers money, motivating people to make these changes can be difficult. Research shows that providing information alone may not motivate individuals to change their behavior. CBSM is an innovative approach to motivating behavior change. CBSM addresses the barriers to change by first conducting research to uncover these barriers and then using specific techniques to bring about the desired changes.4 Visit the Community Based Social Marketing section for more information.

This hub is not meant to be a comprehensive resource, but rather a starting point that includes information on the main aspects of consumer-related P2 practices and reference materials to aid in the adoption of these practices. Its purpose is to help technical assistance providers address consumer-related P2 concerns and secondarily to help and inspire consumers and community groups to adopt more sustainable practices.

1 EnergyStar Web page on Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
2 Energy Information Administration (EIA),
3Energy Information Administration, Annual Energy Outlook 2004
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