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Pollution Prevention (P2) for Consumers: Travel and Recreation
Table of Contents
In the Home
In the Yard
Getting Around Town
Travel and Recreation
Community-Based Social Marketing
Where to go for Help
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Ecotourism offers a positive experience for both travelers and hosts, by providing resources to empower local people and support local environmental conservation. Numerous ecotourism travel packages are available - but travelers should beware the potential for false advertising. The International Ecotourism Society provides a list of genuine Ecotourism outfits.

Here are a few more tips for travelers.

  • Before leaving home, travelers should turn down the temperature on their water heaters and adjust their thermostats.
  • If feasible, take a train or drive; flying is very polluting. And if a car is not needed at the vacation destination (i.e. if walking or public transportation are viable alternatives), it should not be rented. Better yet, make your own holiday at home!
  • Vacationers should also check out the environmental performance of hotels they are considering on the Green Hotels Association's website.
  • Finally, travelers should take care that what they purchase on vacation is environmentally friendly. Buying unsustainably harvested items such as exotic rainforest wood, bird feathers, or jewelry made from sea turtle shells is harmful to the environment, and furthermore, airport customs may confiscate them.


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