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Auto Repair: Reasons for Change
Table of Contents
Background and Overview
Reasons for Change
P2 Opportunities
National Assistance
Regional Assistance
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Reasons For Change

Automotive Repair Industry Regulations

The Auto Repair Industry is subject to a number of regulations designed to protect human health and the environment. The overarching regulations are at the federal level, however, state or local jurisdictions often promulgate additional regulations that are more restrictive that federal regulations. It is always a good practice to contact the appropriate regulatory agency to get their interpretation of the regulations.

Essential Links

Essential refrence links for the Automotive Industry include:

Top Things an Inspector looks for Link me

Environmental Regulations
Lists top environmental regulations for the automotive repair industry and also includes a consolidated checklist for regulatory management.

Material Safety Data Sheets: This site contains product information on: companies, ingredients, physical/chemical characteristicw, fire and explosion hazard data, reactivity data, health hazard, control measures, transportation data, label data, and information on disposal.

National Metal Finishers Resource Center (NMFRC) maintains the State Regulations Locator , an easy way to locate on-line state regulation web sites.

Stay Current On EPA Enforcement Actions and Briefs.Link me

Automotive Mechanics and Service Technicians: Federal and State regulations

Asbestos-Automotive Brake and Clutch Repair Work Bulletin OSHA Safety and Health Information Bulletin (SHIB), (2006, July 26). Informs employees and employers in the automotive brake repair industry of the precautions that must be taken when working with automotive brakes and clutches containing asbestos.

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Search Other Pollution Prevention Websites:

Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA)

Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center


Western Regional Pollution Prevention Network


Small Business Environmental Compliance Assistance Centers

United States Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA)

RCRA In Vehicle Maintenance
Provides an overview of basic federal regulations covering wastes that are likely to be hazardous in vehicle maintenance business. Also provides recycling and pollution prevention options.

RCRA Orientation Manual
This manual provides introductory information on solid and hazardous waste management programs under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

Clean Air Act
Plain English guide to the Clean Air Act

Clean Water Act
Summary of Federal regulations governing discharge of waste water.

CCAR-GreenLink: Consolidated Screening Checklist
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is providing this guidebook and screening checklist as a public service to the automotive service and repair industry.

Federal Regulations
The CFR is divided into 50 titles which represent broad areas subject to Federal regulation. Each title is divided into chapters which usually bear the name of the issuing agency.

EPA Regulations
To facilitate you in assessing your compliance with EPA regulations applicable to the Auto Service and Repair Sector, the Compliance Assistance Section has created an Auto Service & Repair Sector Self-Audit Checklist.

Material Safety Data Sheets
This site contains product information on: companies, ingredients,physical/chemical characteristicw, fire and explosion hazard data, reactivity data, health hazard, control measures, transportation data, label data, and information on disposal.

Hazardous Materials/Waste, Handling/Storage/Disposal
Example of administrative procedures for the San Diego Unified School District. This fact sheet explains handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous material/waste.

Hazardous Waste Identification
Article describing how to classify Hazardous Wastes.

Regulatory Compliance and Pollution Prevention Tips
Information presented in this publication is intended to provide a general understanding of the statutory and regulatory requirements governing automotive repair and autobody shops.

Solid Waste Management
RCRA Article describing the Solid Waste Act.


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