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Archived: P2Rx no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

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Sustainable School Design : Alternative Technologies
Table of Contents
Background and Overview
P2 Opportunities
Alternative Technologies
Case Studies
Glossary of Terms
Key Contacts
Complete List of Links

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This section details best sustainable design components for schools that include lighting, acoustics, air quality, and well-being needs for students and school staff for a healthy and safe learning environment.

Sustainable equipment and technology is undergoing dramatic changes as designers begin to explore new options. This section of the topic hub will identify alternative technologies. The following are examples of some areas being addressed by sustainability supporters.

Area Structure or Equipment
Building Envelope Roofing
Exterior Construction
Acoustic Comfort
Safety Features
Chemical Safety Storage
Electrical Systems Lighting
Occupancy Sensors
Solar Panels/Arrays
Exit and Emergency Lighting
Vending Machines
Athletic Fields
Exterior Security Lights
HVAC and Mechanical Equipment Heating
Air Conditioning (Cooling and Moisture Control)
Fans and Ventilation
Air Volume
Solar Panels/Arrays
Hot Water
Geothermal Energy
Biomass Energy
Air Filters
Gas Lines and Distribution
Plumbing Fixtures
Flushless Urinals
Distribution (pipes) and Fixtures
Tankless Hot Water Heaters
Wells and Domestic Water Systems
Waste Water Management
Sensors and Flow Management
Green Cleaning Products and Equipment
Carpet and Flooring
Cafeteria and Kitchen
Break Rooms
Restroom Facilities and Locker Rooms
Window Treatments
Science Labs
Theater, Drama, and Art Facilities
Integrated Pest Management (Indoors)
Indoor Air Quality
Landscaping and Pest Management Turfgrass
Native Plants
Garden Areas
Permeable Parking Areas
Athletic Fields
Snow Management
Integrated Pest Management (Outdoors)

The above table indicates key areas of concern when designing sustainable schools. This is not necessarily an exhaustive, comprehensive overview, but an introduction. Members of the design team need to include those responsible for overseeing these areas. In order to develop a best practices facility management plan, custodians and groundskeepers, as well as community members and administrative staff should all be invlved. These features need to be used as teaching tools in an interdisciplinary process. Additionally OSHA regulations must always be addressed, but a sustainable design that incorporates a forward thinking approach should exceed current regulations.


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