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Electronic Waste: Options for E-Waste
Table of Contents
Background and Overview
Reasons for Change
P2 Opportunities
Corporate and Non-Profit Initiatives
Options for E-Waste
Where to go for Help
Complete List of Links

What to do with used electronics before discarding
  1. Assess the equipment you have.
    • What type of equipment is it? How old is it? Is any of it still working?
  2. Explore your reuse options.
    • If your equipment is working, is there a nonprofit organization or school district in your area that could use it?
    • Do you qualify for a tax break for donating equipment?
  3. Consider repair or upgrade.
    • If your equipment doesn't work, can it be repaired, refurbished, or used for parts to build or repair other systems?
    • If your equipment can't be repaired, will the servicer send unsalvageable parts to be recycled?
  4. Select a recycler.
    • What is the recycler's disposal policy?
    • Does the recycler have (or need) a permit to operate in your state?
    • Who pays for transportation--you or the recycler?

A list of reuse options and recyclers of electronic equipment is maintained by the Electronic Industries Alliance. The National Recycling Coalition maintains links to government entities and other organizations within each state with electronics recycling information and initiatives.


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