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El Primero Boutique B&B Hotel, located in Chula Vista, CA, is a Chula Vista Clean Business -- meaning that they excel in four categories: energy conservation, water conservation, pollution prevention, and solid waste reduction. Read more
At the Northern Nevada Correctional Center in Carson City, Nevada, inmates care for a herd of 1,500 Mustangs that have been removed from overpopulated public lands by the Bureau of Land Management. To deal with the large quantity of waste (manure) produced by these horses, the NNCC teamed with a local composting business called Full Circle Compost. Manure is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, which can act as pollutants if they reach waterways as surface runoff or by leaching into groundwater. Together, the NNCC and Full Circle Compost process 3,700 cubic yards of horse and cow manure per year into high quality garden soil, preventing pollution and providing a community model for effective collaboration in sharing resources. Read more